General Environment Interventions


Workshop construction, wall and parking lot repainting.

Natural landscape improvement.

Workers’ rest-house construction.

Hazardous waste management by accredited collecting company.

Cooling system renovation and upgrade.

Water filtration system deployment for drink and life.

Monthly environment cleaning campaign implementation.

Monthly pest control inside and outside the factory.

Canteen area improvements: flowers, banners, etc.

Our Environmental Management Policy has been produced to affirm the dedication of KPI to promote environmental issues as an integral element of all its activities and to demonstrate its commitment to continual improvement in environmental practices.

Energy Management(ISO 50001)

Certification of energy management

Natural Light.

Sewage treatment facility, producing disposable effluent without causing harm to surrounding environment.

The ISO team has set up an yearly target to save water and electricity by PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust).

High index 2.0 facility environment module

Our factories conduct environmental & social modules self-assessment about twice a year on the Higg Index website.
Annually, SHILLA BAGS updates the database on the Higg index website, a standard for global brands.

Working Environment

Management System

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